Success Stories


Surrendar Kumar –BBA –Batch 2014, District Ghotki (Sukkur)

“It was almost impossible to pursue education in the Pakistan’s most prominent institute by the name of Institute of Business Administration, Karachi (IBA) for a person like me who is from interior Sindh. But I always do believe in dreams, and these dreams always motivated me in the difficult time of my life. And due to this I was selected in life changing program by the name of Sindh Foundation program (SFP). In the program I was trained through different intensive schedules. And then I was selected in BBA. I am thankful to Dr. Zeenat Ismail and Dean & Director – Dr. Ishrat Husain, my sponsors and their team for their utmost contributions, and efforts.”

Mithan Kumar –BS(Economics & Mathematics)-I, Batch 2014, District Umerkot

“Things around us keep changing, but we never know that when our life is going to be change. IBA Karachi, through Sindh Foundation Program, brought a beautiful change in my life. It not only groomed my personality, taught me to work in collaboration and to manage the time, but also made me to go with this competitive world. IBA was my dream from my childhood which seemed to never come true, because it was very expensive and I could not bear its expenditure. Sindh Foundation Program made it possible for me by giving me this brilliant opportunity. I would like to pay immense thanks from the core of my heart to the Dean & Director- Dr. Ishrat Husain, my sponsors and whole team of Sindh Foundation program because only of them today this scholarship is bolstering me to pursue my studies in BS-Economics and Mathematics.”


Birth Subhash Bs(CS), Batch 2014, District Ghotki

The first time I saw this place, I remember how wonder struck I was. It was like a dream and the fact that I could actually achieve it was exhilarating. Never in my life could I have imagined coming to IBA, let alone being a student here amongst the top minds of the society. Saying that IBA has groomed me is a huge understatement, because it did more than that. IBA refined me into the best possible version of me during the Sind Foundation Program of six months. It helped me realize my true potential, more than that I was taught that it doesn't matter where you come from as long as you have the passion to achieve something. No dream is too big, it’s a world full of possibilities and I want to thank IBA and my team of sponsors for helping me achieves my dream.

Asad Ali –BS(SSLA)-I, Batch 2014, District Hyderabad

IBA - One of the best business school in Pakistan. I came in IBA through Sindh Foundation Program (SFP). IBA trained us for six months, so that we can compete with those students who are coming from "O" and "A" level background. This Program helped me to improve my knowledge and skills. I feel proud on myself that I'm a part of SFP program. IBA has given me a platform where I can prove myself. I would like to Thanks, Dean & Director - Dr. Ishrat Hussain, Coordinator – SFP/NTHP program Dr. Zeenat Ismail and her team to make an extra effort to provide us this golden opportunity and for all the resources they have given us access to. This Full Bright scholarship will help me to achieve my goals, and will turn my dreams into reality.

Virwani Anju –District Ghotki

“This program came into my life like a shining star which ended the darkness and polished my inner talent. I am really thankful to IBA Karachi and Community Development Program- CDP for providing me such an opportunity which groomed me through different activities. This program provided me a path to achieve my goals”

Shaista Khan–District Larkana

“Expand your Horizon with IBA Foundation Program, this line inspire me to join this program. I learned to struggle after failures in this program. It helped me to clear the vision of my life. Foundation Program gave me a purpose to strive. I would personally like to thank the IBA Karachi & CDP –Community Development Program for such a wonderful experience.”

Baber Mansoor –District Hyderabad

“In interior Sindh, medical and engineering are the only renowned fields. Not many students pursue business education. IBA with its Foundation Program gave us an opportunity to study some new courses and explore new fields. We learnt time management skills, stress management skills and learnt how to adapt to new environments. We taught new subjects which we never studied in our past. It was a life changing experience and I hope it will help us improve our daily lives.”

Sohaib Siddique –District Mirpurkhas

“It was an immense privilege for me to enroll with the IBA Foundation Program. The accommodation and facilities were excellent and above all, the environment of IBA was best to get education for six months. I am very thankful to IBA Karachi and Community Development Program-CDP for letting me this opportunity”