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a. What’s IBA Sindh Foundation Program?

In collaboration with the Community Development Program – CDP, Planning & Development Department, Government of Sindh, IBA Karachi is launching the Sindh Foundation Program for the talented and deserving students, residing in the Sindh region. All expenses for the Sindh Foundation Program will be mutually borne by IBA Karachi and Sindh Government.

b. What does it aim to achieve?

The objective of the six-month long Sindh Foundation Program is to indent the meritorious-cum-needy students from the less privileged districts of Sindh, and to provide them for confidently fulfilling the entrance requirements of IBA or any other institution, for the undergraduate programs.

c. What features and facilities are being provided?

i. Tutorial session was also arranged in which senior IBA students were selected as a ‘Mentor’ to help students in their assignments and other class activities.

ii. Material will be provided free of cost

iii. Free accommodation during the stay at IBA. Girls will be provided separate accommodation under the direct supervision of lady warden

iv. Stipend Rs. 3000/- per month will be paid to the deserving candidates

v. Distinguish lectures from the renowned trainers

vi. Visits to the corporate organizations during the IBA Sindh Foundation Program

vii. Mock Exams

viii. Mandatory reading and Library Sessions

d. What key features to keep in mind?

i. The program will be based on merit-cum-need consideration.

ii. A training of 6 months prior to the IBA entrance examination for BBA/BS, so the program will start in December and finish by the end of May.

iii. The inducted trainees will be provided full lodging and boarding free of cost, free tuition, plus a small stipend to cover other personal expenses.

iv. The core courses included English Grammar & Composition, Mathematics, Introduction to Computer Applications, Principles of Microeconomics, Principles of Accounting, Presentation & Communication Skills. The program also emphasizes on personal development and interviewing techniques.

v. Upon completion of the Program, the trainees will have to appear for the IBA aptitude test to enroll into BBA / BS degree programs.

vi. Those selected for admission, will have to apply for scholarships via regular scholarship schemes. The Scholarship Committee will then decide the need criteria.

vii. The pedagogical tools will not be limited to lectures only but extend to individual presentations, class participation, written assignments or report preparation, mock exams, group discussions and problem solving. To provide broader exposure to the trainees, visits to selected corporate sector entities/ sports/ debates would form a part of the program.

viii. The IBA Sindh Foundation Program will be conducted by selected IBA faculty members and other trainers from outside who have demonstrated proven ability in their respective fields.

ix. The inducted trainees will be attached with a Faculty Advisor who will be counseling, coaching and mentoring the trainee in professional, personal and all other matters during the entire duration of the program and for those selected to IBA for the four year period of their studies.

e. What features and facilities are being provided?

i. The class size will consist of nearly 30 students

ii. All trainees will be expected to live together at the IBA run and managed premises

iii. Pick and drop facility will be provided to the students for the hostel

iv. Female students will be provided separate accommodation in STHP Girls Hostel under the direct supervision of a designated lady staff member.

v. Extracurricular activities such as sport, cultural event, debating contests would also be organized.

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