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When do I apply?
An advertisement will be placed in the leading newspapers of Sindh (Daily Express, Daily Express Tribune & Daily Kawish) on October 19, 2014. Students can apply through an Online Application form ( or can also download the application form from our website can be download from our website and send it back by November 16, 2014 to the:

The Coordinator – Sindh Foundation Program -2015,
IBA Main Campus, University Enclave, University Road, Karachi 75270 (Pakistan)

How do I apply?
Students who have secured 70% or above marks in the Intermediate Examinations conducted by the BISE Board of Sindh in the year 2014 are eligible to apply for the Sindh Foundation Program 2015.

Where can I get the form?
Application forms are available free of cost on our web-site.
Online Form: (
PDF Form:

What documents are required to apply for the Sindh Foundation Program 2015?
The following documents are supposed to attach with the application form:
i. Salary slip/ Salary certificate* (or pension slip) of all earning family member.
ii. Copies of Computerized NIC's of all family members.
iii. Bank statements for the last six month (All family members having a bank account)
iv. Income tax returns of all earning family members for last year.
v. Fee bill and any concession document from the last institution you attended.
vi. Utility bills last six month
a) Electricity b) Telephone c) Gas d) Water
vii. Saving certificates, bonds, shares, investments, CDC account statement.
viii. Property ownership documents, including agriculture land, plots and houses.
ix. Rent agreement (if applicable).
x. Loan document(s), including credit card bills and bank loan statements.
xi. Medical bills / expenditure related documents.
xii. Latest fee challans / Fee concession (scholarship / loan) document(s) of sibling(s).
xiii. Wealth statement for all family members for last year.
xiv. Your domicile certificates.
xv. Any other relevant document(s) necessary to support your application.
xvi. Statement of purpose.
xvii. Educational documents (F.A./ F.Sc/ H.Sc.)

* Note: A Salary certificate is the document that shows monthly/annual income. If your parents/guardian is salaried person, an original copy of a pay slip should be attached; otherwise if your parents/guardian owns a business, they should submit Bank Statement for the last six months. If parents/guardian does not fall in either of the above two categories (that is salaried employee or business man) they should submit an undertaking on a stamp paper/affidavit (of Rs.100) stating their income and with relevant details.

Is IBA’s Sindh Foundation Program a Scholarship Program?
IBA’s Foundation Program is a need-cum-merit based program. Students selected in the foundation program will be given training on six subjects (Subjects mentioned below) for a period of six months and prepare them for IBA aptitude test 2015. Those who would be selected for the Sindh Foundation Program will then apply for the scholarship via regular scholarship scheme for which the Scholarship Committee will decide the need criteria upon induction of student in the undergraduate program of IBA.

Who can apply for this Foundation Program 2015?
The Sindh Foundation Program is a need-cum-merit based program. Only those students who can establish their eligibility as a genuinely deserving candidate will be considered.

What is the minimum percentage required to apply in the Sindh Foundation Program 2015?
You must have secured 70% or higher grade in the respective Intermediate Board of Sindh (Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas, Larkana and Sukkur) in the year 2014.

Are the students who belong from Karachi, and have appeared from BISE- Karachi, are they eligible to apply in the Sindh Foundation Program 2015?
Preference will be given to students from the rural areas of Sindh who are unable to apply for IBA due to financial constraints. Students of BISE- Karachi are only eligible to apply in the National Talent Hunt Program 2015.

What is the procedure of the Application Form?
After receiving applications forms from all over Sindh, we review and short-list them according to the eligibility criteria for the program. Once the process is complete, the short-listed candidates are contacted and informed about the time, date and venue of the Assessment Test.

By when will the Interviews be scheduled?
Students who clear the Assessment Test are contacted and informed about the time, date and venue of the Panel Interview.

Can students of General Science group apply in the Sindh Foundation Program 2015?
Yes. Students of all discipline can apply for the Sindh Foundation Program 2015. However, when applying for the IBA’s entrance test, discipline matter. In IBA, there are three main disciplines BBA, BS and BBA Entrepreneurship. For BBA, BBA Entrepreneurship, BS(Social Sciences & Liberal Arts), BS(Acc. & Fin.) students belonging to any group may apply but for BS(CS/ Eco & Maths), only students associated with Pre-Engineering or General Science (Mathematics) group can apply.

Which subjects should I study to be able to get through the Assessment test of Sindh Foundation Program 2015?
You should mainly focus on matric-level Mathematics and English to appear in the assessment test if shortlisted.

Which books should I prefer for the entrance test of IBA?
You can study SAT – I (For BBA Entrance Test) or SAT –II (For BS Entrance test). Refer the following books –SAT-I –SAT-II –Algebra

Will there be a separate IBA entrance test for Sindh Foundation Program students?
No, students of Sindh Foundation Program will give test with other applicants who come from all over Pakistan. It is a purely a merit-cum-need based program and there are no seats on Quota basis.

What is the criterion of short listing students for the Sindh Foundation Program 2015?
All of the participants of the Sindh Foundation Program are short listed on the merit-cum-need basis.

What subjects would be taught in Sindh Foundation Program 2015?
We give training to the selected students in the following subjects which is based on six(6) months:

1. English Grammar & Composition
2. Mathematics
3. Presentation & Communication Skills
4. Principles of Accounting
5. Principles of Microeconomics
6. Introduction to Computer Applications

In which campus of IBA, The Sindh Foundation Program -2015 classes would be held?
The Classes will be held at the IBA Main Campus from December 22, 2014.

Who will fund the Sindh Foundation Program 2015?
IBA Sindh Foundation Program is a joint venture between IBA Karachi & Community Development Program –CDP, Planning & Development Department, Government of Sindh with the objective to indent the meritorious-cum-needy students from the less privileged districts of Sindh, and to provide them for confidently fulfilling the entrance requirements of IBA or any other institution, for the undergraduate programs. The cost will be borne by Sindh Government and IBA Karachi.

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